Introduce first and second graders to the basics of maturity in Christ on an age-appropriate level. God's Explorers provides an excellent opportunity for children to trust in Christ as their Savior and begin to grow as new believers. It encourages children to obey Biblical truths and to love and follow the Savior.

Fall 2016 Trusting God Courageously
  • God Is Trustworthy (Elijah, Jesus, Rahab)
  • Trusting God (Gideon, David, Esther)
  • Showing Courage (Daniel)

Joshua; Judges; 1 Samuel; 1 Kings; Esther; Daniel; Matthew; Mark

Winter 2016–17 Learning about Jesus
  • God Keeps His Promise (Jesus' birth to baptism)
  • Jesus Cares for People (healing and serving)
  • Jesus Provides Salvation (Jesus' death and resurrection)

Isaiah; Matthew–John

Spring 2017 Learning to Love
  • David Shows Love (David with Saul and Solomon)
  • Jesus Shows Love (Easter)
  • We Show Love (people in need)

1, 2 Samuel; 1 Chronicles; Matthew–Acts; 1 Peter

Summer 2017 Learning to Obey
  • Obeying at Home (Abraham, Miriam, Joseph)
  • Obeying God (Moses and the Israelites)
  • Obeying Authorities (Moses/the Israelites)

Genesis; Exodus; Numbers

Fall 2017 Learning about God
  • Our Awesome God (God's absolute attributes)
  • God and Us (God's relational attributes)

Genesis; selected passages throughout Scripture

Winter 2017–18 Learning to Worship and Pray
  • We Worship God (Christmas)
  • We Worship God Together (Solomon, Hezekiah)
  • We Pray to God (Jesus teaches about prayer)

2 Kings; 1, 2 Chronicles; Nehemiah; Psalms; Matthew; Luke–Acts

Spring 2018 Learning to Believe
  • Meeting Jesus (Easter)
  • Believing in Jesus (salvation)


Summer 2018 Learning to Serve
  • Preparing to Serve (the early church begins)
  • People Who Served (the apostles)
  • Paul Served God Well (Paul's journeys)



Teach through the Bible to help third and fourth graders put the Biblical pieces together and understand God's overall plan for redemption. Truth Travelers helps students develop a deeper trust in God and have the opportunity to respond to Him in personal, practical ways.

Fall 2016 Discovering the Begining
  • Introduction to the Old Testament
  • Events in Genesis from Creation through Joseph
Winter 2016–17 Obeying God's Rules
  • Life of Moses
  • God's Provision for His People
  • The Law
  • The Tabernacle
  • Wilderness Wanderings
Spring 2017 Learning to Follow God
  • Conquering the Promised Land (Joshua)
  • Settling the Land
  • The Judges
  • Ruth
Joshua; Judges; Ruth
Summer 2017 Making Right Choices
  • Samuel
  • Saul, Israel's First king
  • David and Solomon
1, 2 Samuel; 1 Kings; Proverbs
Fall 2017 Staying True to God
  • The End of Solomon's Reign to the Exile and Return
1, 2 Kings; 1, 2 Chronicles; Prophets
Winter 2017–18 Knowing the Savior
  • Jesus the Teacher, the Friend, the Savior
Spring 2018 Spreading God's Word
  • The Start and Expansion of the Church
Summer 2018 Preparing for God's Future
  • Letters to the Early Churches
  • God's Plans for the Future
Epistles; Revelation

Encourage fifth and sixth graders to live out their faith with this age-appropriate discipleship course. Students learn to study and respond to God's Word as they complete weekly devotionals. Faith Detectives provides an opportunity for students to learn to live like Christ and challenges them to grow in eight essential areas of the Christian life.


Fall 2016 Believing and Sharing the Gospel
  • Understanding the Gospel
  • Believing the Gospel
  • Sharing the Gospel
Isaiah; Matthew–Romans; Ephesians
Winter 2016–17 Obeying God
  • Living Morally with God
  • Living Morally with Others
  • Following Examples of Moral Living
Genesis; Exodus; 1 Samuel; Proverbs; Daniel; Matthew; John; Acts; James
Spring 2017 Becoming like Christ
  • Knowing Christ
  • Living with Christlike Character
Matthew–Acts; 2 Corinthians; Ephesians; Philippians
Summer 2017 Knowing God and His Word
  • Seeking God in His Word (revelation; inspiration)
  • Understanding God (attributes of God)
  • Relating to God (relational attributes of God)
Genesis; Exodus; Dueteronomy; Psalms; Isiah; Jeremiah; Daniel; Matthew; Romans; Hebrews
Fall 2017 Worshiping and Praying to God
  • Understanding Worship
  • Worshiping God
  • Praying to God
Leveticus; 2 Kings; 1 Chronicles; Daniel; Matthew; Acts–1 Corinthians; Ephesians–Colossians; 2 Timothy; Revelation
Winter 2017–18 Preparing for Life
  • Facing Hardships
  • Managing Life
  • Building Relationships
Genesis; 1 Samuel–1 Kings; Job–Proverbs; Isaiah; Daniel; Matthew–Luke; Ephesians; Colossians; 1, 2 Peter; Revelation
Spring 2018 Helping Others
  • Realizing the Source of Kindness
  • Increasing Awareness of Needs
Genesis; Judges; 2 Kings; Matthew–Acts; 1 Timothy; 1 John
Summer 2018 Serving God
  • The Servant's Preparation
  • The Servant's Heart
Ecclesiates; Mattthew; John–2 Corinthians; Ephesians; Hebrews; 1 Peter

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